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Site name and plot numbers: Warmątowice - Strzelce Industrial Park
Town / Commune: Strzelce Opolskie
Address (street, house number): Warmątowice
District: strzelecki
Province (Voivodship): opolskie
The plot is a part of Special Economic Zone: done
Special Economic Zone: Katowice
Area of property
Max. available area (as one piece) [ha]: 158 ha
The shape of the site: Other
Possibility for expansion (short description): Yes, up to 400 ha
Property information
Approx. land price [PLN/m²] including 23% VAT: 80 PLN/m²: approximate price - necessary quote, tender sale
Owner(s) Owner State Treasury - KOWR
Owner's area [ha] 158 ha
Main owner type KOWR
Valid zoning plan: done
Link to the resolution:
Zoning Zoning Production buildings, warehouses
Forms of support at the local level: done
Terms of acquisition Sale done
Land specification
Soil class Soil class IVa
Area [ha] 15 ha
Soil class IVb
Area [ha] 64 ha
Soil class V
Area [ha] 63 ha
Soil class VI
Area [ha] 16 ha
Present usage Present usage agricultural
Differences in land level [m]: 20 m
Building height limit [m]: 40 m, additional technical buildings can be higher than: 40 m
Building coverage [%]: 80
Soil and underground water pollution: not_interested
Underground water level [m]: 10 m
Were geological research done: done
Risk of flooding or land slide: not_interested
Underground obstacles: not_interested
Ground and overhead obstacles: not_interested
Ecological restrictions: not_interested
Buildings / other constructions on site: not_interested
Transport links
Access road to the plot (type and width of access road) Road width [m] 7 m
Road type national road
Road width [m] 7 m
Road type national road
Nearest motorway / express road / national road A4: 4 km
Sea and river ports located up to 200 km Koźle River Port: 20 km
Railway line Strzelce Opolskie: 2 km
Railway siding Strzelce Opolskie: 1 km
technical possibility build new railway siding: 1 km
Nearest international airport Katowice: 60 km
Nearest province capital Opole: 35 km
Existing infrastructure
Electricity done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 0 m
Voltage [kV] 15 kV
Available capacity [MW] 2-3 MW; Main Supply Point for more than 80 MW at a distance of 3 km, or build dedicated Station in Warmątowice
Gas done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 200 m
Calorific value [MJ/Nm³] 9.97 MJ/Nm³
Pipe diameter [mm] 500 mm
Available capacity [Nm³/h] no limit
Water for social purposes done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 0 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] 2400
Water not_interested Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 3500 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] Industial water (mine water)
Sewage discharge not_interested Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 400 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] 30
Treatment plant not_interested
Telephone done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 0 m
Offer prepared by
Name, surname: Opolskie COI - Piotr Regeńczuk
Position: Zastępca Kierownika Centrum Obsługi Inwestora i Eksportera
Phone: (77) 403 36 48
Mobile: 533 314 428
Contact person
Name, surname: Piotr Regeńczuk
Phone: +48 774033648
Mobile: +48 533314428
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