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Site name and plot numbers: Rawi Met. Plot numbers: 235/43, 235/44, 235/70, 235/71
Town / Commune: Rawicz
Address (street, house number): Rawi Met
District: rawicki
Province (Voivodship): wielkopolskie
Site belongs to Special Economic Zone: done
Special Economic Zone: Wałbrzych "Invest Park"
Website or link to My Maps:
Area of property
Max. available area (as one piece) [ha]: 2.21 ha
The shape of the site: Other
Possibility for expansion (short description): No
Property information
Approx. land price [PLN/m²] including 23% VAT: 290 PLN/m²: For individual negotiations
Owner(s) Owner Rawi Met company
Owner's area [ha] 2.2121 ha
Main owner type Other
Valid zoning plan: not_interested Spatial development conditions and directions study only. The document designates the zoning as production buildings, warehouses and services. The area is located in the immediate vicinity of manufacturing companies.
Zoning Zoning Production buildings, warehouses
Zoning Service / commercial buildings
Forms of support at the local level: done
Terms of acquisition Sale done
Lease not_interested
Perpetual usufruct not_interested
Land specification
Present usage Present usage fallow
Soil class Soil class other
Area [ha] 2.2121 ha
Differences in land level [m]: Flat area
Building height limit [m]: in accordance with the issued building conditions. Building height limit due to existing buildings nearby.: 15 m
Soil and underground water pollution: not_interested
Underground water level [m]: No geological research done
Were geological research done: not_interested
Risk of flooding or land slide: not_interested
Underground obstacles: not_interested
Ground and overhead obstacles: not_interested
Ecological restrictions: not_interested
Buildings / other constructions on site: not_interested
Transport links
Access road to the plot (type and width of access road) Road width [m] 7 m
Road type other
Nearest motorway / express road / national road S5: 7 km
A4: 85 km
A2: 110 km
Sea and river ports located up to 200 km Wrocław: 65 km
Malczyce: 76 km
Poznań: 104 km
Railway line Rawicz: 3 km
Railway siding Rawicz: 1.5 km
Nearest international airport Wrocław: 65 km
Nearest province capital Wrocław: 65 km
Existing infrastructure
Electricity done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 400 m
Voltage [kV] 15 kV
Available capacity [MW] Power line is available within ca. 400 m from the boundary of the site. Main Supply Point: ca. 1100 m from the boundary of the site
Gas done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 200 m
Available capacity [Nm³/h] 2000-3000
Water for social purposes done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 200 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] 480
Water done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 200 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] 480
Sewage discharge done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 200 m
Available capacity [m³/24h] 480
Treatment plant not_interested
Telephone done Connection point (distance from boundary) [m] 0 m
Offer prepared by
Name, surname: UG Rawicz
Position: Joanna Popielarz - Project Manager
Phone: 65 546 54 09
Contact person
Name, surname: Julita Augustyniak
Phone: 65 546 54 09
Mobile: 502 285 876
e-mail: /
Name, surname: Joanna Popielarz
Phone: 65 546 54 09
e-mail: /
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